ACT!  2011 Training -  Advanced

Training: £350 + VAT

ACT! 2010 Advanced training course is for Student / delegates who will be in charge, implementing and administrating ACT! Software setting administration level, modifying and perform routine maintenance.

Target Delegate
The course is for delegates who wish to take on an administering role in ACT! database managment

Course Objectives
You will learn how to install ACT!, 2010 convert a database from a previous version, create and delete a database, import contacts from another data source, manage users and teams, and restrict contact access. They'll also create and manage database fields and drop-down lists, and use a Layout Designer to modify data input screens. In addition, they'll set general system preferences, such as scheduling and communication preferences, and create a custom command and add it to the menu and toolbar for easy user access. Finally, they'll backup and restore a database, perform routine maintenance, configure a network synchronization service, manage Sync Sets.

Course Prerequisites
Delegates must have completed ACT 2010 Basic and ACT! Intermediate before attending this training course

Course Length: One day 9:30 - 4:30
Morning  9:30 - 1:00  Break 45 min - Afternoon 1:45 - 4:30

ACT! on the network

  • Understanding how ACT! works on a SQL based network
  • Location of the ACT! folders and program files
  • Understanding integration of ACT! with other applications (Outlook)

Working with remote users

  • Understanding the use of synchronisation
  • Understanding what is synchronised and when
  • How to synchronise the ACT! database

Working with a new database

  • Creating a new ACT! database
  • Understanding the ACT! User and the "My Record"
  •  Adding, deleting and reassigning ACT! users
  • Managing the various ACT! users and their security role

Customising ACT! database

  • Working with system fields
  • Understanding the use of layouts
  • Understanding the field definitions and their uses
  • Customising fields and  editing existing layouts
  • Customising menus and toolbars for all or some users

(Lunch Break 1:00 - 1:45)

Working with contact data

  • Importing and exporting to and from ACT!
  • Exporting Contacts, Groups or Companies
  • Exporting partial contact information

Working with ACT! Report templates

  • Understanding ACT! reports
  • Creating new reports templates
  • Editing existing ACT! report templates

Database Maintenance

  • Scanning for duplicates
  • Setting rback ups of data base
  • Clearing old Notes, Histories and Activities
  • General Do's and Don'ts for database integrity
  • Common error messages