Sage ACT! 2012 & 2011 Premium and Professional

New features in Sage ACT! 2012

  • Google Synchronisation of Calendar and Contacts
  • Google G-mail integration
  • Universal Search - Google-like search in data and attachments
  • Scratchpad - notepad utility
  • Sage ACT Connect - Web / Mobile sync (additional cost service)

ACT! 2011 & 2011 enables business from corperate to indviduals to instantly access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritise activities and track all contact-related communications so a business can grow and manage productive business relationships from desk top, laptop, mobile phones and online.

ACT! 2012 or 2011 Premium or Professional

ACT! 2012 and 2011 Professional is designed for small businesses with up to a maximum of ten licenced users on a network at any one time. Sage ACT! Premium, offers 1 to 100 plus users and offeres more features, mainly online for web, enhanced security, Team administration Both are very easiy to use and addressess the needs of business to be applied for their percific pourpose. Select to view PDF off product difference

Sage ACT! 2012 or 2011 in your Business
Sage ACT! 2012 & 2011 offer a single central point to input and access, manipulate and organise critical contact and customer information captured across a business. Accessed by individuals, corperate workgroups or teams. ACT! as a tool enables and empowers users to access detailed contact and customer information, capture all customer communications history, manage individual and team calendars and activities, track customer and prospect opportunities through the sales process, and present reports on effectiveness and outccomes.

Touch Points
View and track all contact and customer communications on the Contact Record for quick and easy referencing. Reach customers through ACT! E-mail / swiftpage integrated and integrated directly with Outlook to send outbound e-mails to contacts and create contact history on the Contact Record. ACT! Mail Merge allows users to correspond with multiple contacts, either via e-mail or paper correspondence, and automatically track a history on each Contact Record.

Prioritise Workloads
Stay on top of deliverables with multiple Calendar views within Sage ACT!, including Daily and a customisable Work Week views. Calls, meetings, and to-do items can be filtered by priority, date range or user, even displaying totals for each type of activity and, Activity Alarms will help users to stay on top of all your time-sensitive deliverables.

Track Sales and Oppertunities
ACT! enables sales professionals to track sales opportunities from initial inquiry through close utilising the standard sales process or a customised process to suit the individual business. When working an opportunity, sales professionals can simply click follow-up and a new activity will be created automatically with the opportunity details - ensuring the prospect is managed as it moves through the process. Sales professionals and sales management can view and report on all sales opportunities so they always know where they stand.

Report on Activities
Instantly access every important contact or detail using advanced Lookups or Keyword Searches. At the end of the week or month, it's easy to report on activity or milestones with one of 40 standard reports that ship with ACT!, 20 of which are specifically focused on sales activities. And, because ACT! has advanced field types such as multiple select, users can better track information that often requires more than one selection such as ID Source or Referred By, and then report accurately on that information. Sage ACT! 2011 Premium offers a host of functionality that is specifically designed to meet the needs of workgroups and teams in the areas of centralised administration, advanced user, contact, and field level security, advanced opportunity tracking, and flexible deployment options.

Information on the move
Improve productivity by accessing critical contact and customer information whether users are in the office or on the road. The ACT! database can be linked to your phone so users have the information they need at all times.

Integrate Sage ACT! with Sage 50 Accounts
Sage ACT! 2011 will link with Sage 50 Accounts delivering an integrated front and back office system. The link from ACT!, is supplied free with the software and reduces the need for double entry and gives the user more visibility and useful financial information about contacts.

Sage ACT! 2011 Premium
Sage ACT! 2011 Premium gives the ability to share data with 1-100 plus users for workgroup collaboration and sales effectiveness. Synchronise data from multiple users into a central database from inside or outside the company firewall and assign access rights to specific contacts by users or teams of users. Check team member availability for meetings, calls and tasks, and to send meeting invitations and schedule resources, such as conference rooms and equipment.

Sage ACT! 2011 Premium For Web
Sage ACT! Premium for Web provides contact and customer management users with anytime, anywhere access to centralised, secure data- enabling remote, travelling, or office-based users access to information in real time through a Web browser. Sage ACT! Premium for Web is supplied free of charge with ACT! Premium Learn More.

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