SwiftPage Email & drip marketing

Swiftpage for ACT!2012 ACT!2011 - SalesLogix or Sage CRM -
Swiftpage is the number one integrated email marketing and automated marketing solution for ACT! by Sage. Deliver marketing messages directly from your ACT! database and all data is updated in your ACT! database, seamlessly. You can send to one person from your database or send from an ACT! group from a lookup. Swiftpage can generate a call list from your ACT! data as to whom opened the email offering you the oppertunity to follow with a phone call.

"Swiftpage for Sage ACT! 2012 or 2011 is not just any integrated solution, but rather an entire sales and marketing automation package"

Swiftpage for ACT! gives you the tools to create beautiful email templates, send directly from your database to contacts, look ups, groups and companies and track who opened and clicked your messages.

Send Now, Schedule Send or Send As
Send As “Record Manager” for each contact in your email list easily

Email Tracking
When you send your email blast with Swiftpage you can track who opened, clicked, bounced, suppressed and more. You can also view graphical and detailed data about your send, and export your send reports to others for further analysis. And your contact’s interactions with your email send are recorded into your ACT! history for easy reference.

Surveys and Web Forms
Swiftpage Surveys are more than just data gathering. Map your survey responses back to specific fields in your database and watch your ACT! database grow! Set up an Autoresponder email to automatically be sent to your respondents when they complete your surveys and with Drip Marketing Autoloader you can automatically load them into a Drip Marketing Campaign to receive a series of marketing communications.

Call List
After you send an email blast to your contacts, your recipients open and click on the email message. Swiftpage creates a ranked list of the most interested contacts based on those interactions. Access each contact’s Call List score in the Snapshot tab for easy follow up.

Snapshot Tab
Access all interactions you’ve had with each of your contacts in one view within your database with the Snapshot tab. This tool tells your sales team who to call and what to talk about. You can also view that contact’s score within your Call Lists, manually rank them, view a summary of your interactions with that contact, access online resources and industry tips as well as the email you’ve previously sent them.

Drip Marketing
Swiftpage Drip Marketing gives you the ability to create a sequence of messages that are automatically delivered to your ACT! contacts at the right time. Swiftpage Drip Marketing uses intelligent technology to send messages to contacts based on their interactions with previous messages and based on data in your ACT! database environment.

Email Tracking
Use Swiftpage’s reporting features to view graphical and detailed data regarding your email send and your contact’s specific interactions with it. Then use this information to drive your sales team and improve your future marketing efforts.

Unique opens by time end email address, total opens by time and email address as well as opens over time are all accessible in our easy to use reporting tool.Opens

View reports for your contacts that received your email but have not opened it.

Easily access what email addresses were not sent your email template and why. Swiftpage reports give you detailed information into each case.

Graphical Reports
Access everything you could want to know about your email send from opened, clicked, bounced, suppressed, forwards and more, in easy to analyze graphs.

View unique clicks by link and email address, total clicks by link and email address as well as clicks over time, in list and graphical formats to learn more about your contacts.

View the email addresses which bounced your email sent as well as the reason the email was bounced by that address

Export Options
Email your detailed reports to your manager or marketing team to follow up or analyze the success of your email send. .

Surveys and Web Forms
Swiftpage offers powerful Survey capabilities with all of our service levels. Have your contacts sign up for your e-newsletter, register for your event, update their contact information, gauge your customer’s satisfaction and more!

Response Type Options
From true/false, multiple choice, ranking, to fill in the blank, you’re sure to find the answers you want with Swiftpage’s robust survey tool.Response Type Options

Export Options
Share your survey response results by simply entering an email address and Swiftpage will send an excel file of your Survey results.

Response Reporting and Statistics
Analyze your survey responses in the Swiftpage Survey tool with summary and detail response reporting capabilities.

Survey Landing Page
Easily create a landing page in Swiftpage’s Online Editor and simply link your survey respondents directly to it from our Survey Results Options.

Database Integration
Since Swiftpage is fully integrated, you don’t have to bother with importing or exporting your contacts’ responses. Simply map to the fields you want populated in your ACT! or SalesLogix database, and watch the information come in!

Link to Your Survey
Use your survey to gather contact information or opinions by linking from your website or your email.

Survey Tools
Swiftpage Survey offers powerful integrated survey types and useful follow up emailing options.

  • List Builder Surveys allow you to add new contacts to your database by mapping the fields from your survey to populate fields in your ACT! or SalesLogix database.
  • List Updater Surveys are a great tool to keep your contact’s information current by mapping the fields from your survey to update contacts already in your ACT! or SalesLogix database.
  • Autoresponder can be set to automatically respond to your survey respondents with a customizable email so you can thank them for submitting your survey your way.
  • Drip Marketing Autoloader allows you to have your survey respondent automatically loaded into a Drip Marketing campaign built in your ACT!, SalesLogix or SageCRM database.
Drip Marketing
We’re so sure you’ll love automating with Drip Marketing that we offer capabilities with our Swiftpage Connect, ACT!, SalesLogix and SageCRM integrations. Just try it, and watch your marketing communications go
out automatically.

Many Stage Options
Create email, telemarketing, postcard, letter, and fax communication stage options, schedule a call list, or choose to export a list of contacts in your campaign, pause your campaign for Review, or Transfer contacts to a different campaign, all with automated Drip Marketing from Swiftpage.

Easy Automatic Delivery
Once you’ve launched your Drip Marketing campaign you can trust that your stages are automatically delivered based on the sequencing type you specified.

Conditional Actions and Branching
You can also cater specifically to each of your contacts with branching options based on your contacts’ interactions with previous stages, or a specified field in your database. For example, only send the next email to those that opened and clicked on a link in the previous email.

Integrated Results
Swiftpage’s integrated capabilities allow for your campaign results to be recorded back into your ACT! or SalesLogix database so you can see each communication you’ve made with your contacts, all in one place. Integrated Results

Contact Loading Options
You can load contacts into your Drip Marketing campaign from your database, sync to a group within your ACT! or SalesLogix database, or have contacts automatically loaded into your campaign after they complete your survey with the Drip Marketing Autoloader.

Email Notifications
Want to be sure to do something before or after a stage, or just be notified when a certain stage occurs? Simply set an email notification reminder and you surely won’t forget.

Stage Sequencing Options
With three different Drip Marketing campaign types, you can select the stage sequencing options that work best for you.
  • Anchor Date campaigns allow you to set your stages to occur on days before and after a specific date. This is great for new product launches and event promotion campaigns.
  • Calendar campaigns allow you to select specific dates on a calendar for your stages to occur. Maintain specific control of your campaign schedule and use this for your e-newsletter campaigns.
  • Duration campaigns are continuous campaigns that sequence stages based on days since your contact was loaded into a campaign. This is useful for managing your contact relationships long term.